A Company’s SEO Presence on Social Networks is Important

The respect of the conditions imposed by the various search engines guarantees the effectiveness of natural referencing. In principle, these platforms do not allow automatic registration of sites in directories. Website owners must at all costs avoid hidden texts, duplicate content, keyword tag overload, unmodified publication of images, and so on. The idea is to publish more texts than images. Every search engine optimization expert will attest to the importance of this.

Publish content regularly

Content is the raw material of natural referencing. Google likes to find updates made on one site between two visits. Refreshing content directly affects site positioning on search engines. The company must, therefore, publish news, press releases or articles as soon as it participates in a show, launches a new product or organizes an event. It can publish Word documents, PDF, images, videos, etc. All these elements are considered crucial content by Google.

Expand the lexical field of the site by positioning the site with a large number of keywords

When Google needs to reference a site, it needs keywords that describe its activity and the information that the user can find there. The search engine needs a certain volume of keywords to be able to take them into account. Thus, Google will not be able to properly reference a site of about ten pages. The more the site produces different keywords, the greater its visibility will be. Google offers a tool that selects keywords with the greatest volume potential in terms of audience. A search engine optimization consultant will help determine which keywords are best.

Working page titles

Each page title must be customized and adapted to its content. The page title is what allows Google to position each site. If a title is “Welcome to our website”, Google will be able to position the site using only these words, which does not represent information relevant to the user. People should also be careful not to focus on SEO by creating titles that would be a succession of keywords. The title is what will appear on Google’s results page. It must, therefore, be attractive to the surfer because it is this that will encourage the user to click on one site more than another. Every SEO expert will say that an effective title must be, at the same time, descriptive, informative and incentive, while also being concise (60 to 80 characters).

Do not try to fool Google!

In the world of SEO, there is no secrecy. It just takes a good deal of work and pragmatism that can optimize the SEO of a site. Hiding keywords or links in pages, for example, are quickly spotted by Google. Google will then penalize those sites by making them go down in the results or even blacklist them. Staying natural in its SEO approaches will always pay off because Google spotlights artificial techniques such as over-repetition of keywords. Producing quality content is enough to create popularity and, therefore, an optimal SEO presence.

Naming image files

Google cannot understand the meaning of certain images that it cannot reference without being given indications. Instead of naming an image file 001.jpg, give it a name that Google can recognize and reference. This work must be done even before the developers have started to design the site because, otherwise, it might require a redesign of the site. Popular sites are rewarded by Google which brings them back into the top pages of results. The popularity of a site is measured by the number of links that go from other sites and point to yours. Google says that if 500 sites have links pointing a particular one, it must issue relevant information. The links are obtained by publishing interesting content and bringing information other than marketing. Bloggers or forums will then naturally publish links to that site. Links must also be obtained through exchanges with partner sites, prescribers or friends as long as they are displaying similar field or sector content. Warning: purchasing links is severely punished by Google!

Spread your content “outdoors”

social network presence

social network presence

Each SEO consultant may suggest that website owners begin with an RSS feed that allows other sites to promote their articles as soon as they are published. Generating inbound links can also help, along with getting involved in the community, forums, blogs and social networks that you frequent. This can help make your content known to your target audience. When designing a site, it is important to create links between the different pages. In a published article, website owners can create links to the pages most suited to the terms used. This encourages users to browse more pages of the site and will be a criterion taken into account by Google. W3C defines a set of good practices to be used with the development of a site. Among the rules, there is a set of techniques dedicated to the access of particular sites by the visually handicapped. Google understands these texts and can integrate them while referencing the site.